E-commerce website creation

Propel your business online with my expertise in creating high-performance e-commerce websites

Advanced features for an optimal shopping experience on your e-commerce website

Creating an e-commerce site enables a company to reach a wider audience, facilitate online transactions and increase sales and visibility for its products or services. Here are a few examples of businesses that need an e-commerce shop:

Online fashion shop, Craft shop, Cosmetics brand, Online service company, Specific food shop, Product brand, Electronic toy shop, Online bookstore, Toy shop, Travel agency, Fast-food, Furniture shop, etc…

How to create and optimise an e-commerce site

Boost your online business with a high-performance e-commerce site

What could be better than creating a high-performance e-commerce site that puts you in first place on Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube?

After all, an online presence is essential if you want to increase your sales! With a high-performance e-commerce site and visibility in the top positions on Google and social networks, you can benefit from an additional sales force and move ahead of your competitors.

Un site E-commerce qui vous rapporte de l'argent avec Genializ webmaster Genève et France

Creation of e-commerce website

What goes with creating your e-commerce site

Paquet cadeau option

Creating a custom design

Layout of your content (up to 15 pages max.)

Administration interface for modifying your site

1 page with contact/quotation form

News section with or without comments

Photo galleries

Dynamic slideshow

Creating a Google Ads campaign

Optimising the site for SEO (title, description, keywords)

Responsive site > adaptable for mobiles and tablets (iPhone, Android, iPad...)

Creating a Facebook ads campaign

Training on updating the site

Do you have any questions?

Options often requested with an e-commerce website

options et services supplémentaires Genializ création de site internet création de contenu-


Words that captivate, texts that sell

options et services supplémentaires Genializ option création de site e-commerce création de site internet tunnels de vente

Sales tunnel

Designed to maximise your conversion

option Genializ ads et communication


Share your expertise and engage your audience

Digital Strategy

E-commerce website

It is an essential tool for companies wishing to develop their business online and reach a wider audience.

An e-commerce site enables a company to sell its products or services online, thereby expanding its revenue potential.

By having an e-commerce site, the company benefits from greater online visibility, attracting the attention of a wider audience and strengthening its market presence.

With an e-commerce site, a company can showcase its skills and expertise by providing detailed descriptions of products or services, high-quality images and customer testimonials.

It’s an effective tool for generating qualified leads by offering contact forms and incentives to encourage visitors to buy or sign up with the company.

Having an e-commerce site eliminates the costs associated with renting or maintaining a physical shop, thereby reducing overall operational costs.

By offering a fluid and intuitive user experience, an e-commerce site fosters visitor confidence and increases the chances of conversion into customers.

It enables direct communication with customers through features such as comments, ratings and chatbots, promoting engagement and loyalty.

By developing a user-friendly e-commerce site, the company creates an accessible, easy-to-use platform for customers, improving their satisfaction and loyalty.

Important points to remember about creating an e-shop

Is an e-commerce website the right solution for you?

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