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Creating a showcase site is essential for any company wishing to present its products, services and values in a professional and attractive way. Here are a few examples:

Communications agency, Online clothing shop, Law firm, Artisan baker, Estate agency, Freelance consultant, Beauty salon, Travel agency, Restaurant or café, Events agency, Freelance, Medical practice, Coach, etc…

How to create and optimise a Showcase Website

A complete showcase site for businesses

Creating a showcase site is the ideal way to present your company, its products or services, its values and its know-how to a wide audience.

Allows you to reinforce your company’s creative spirit, increase its online visibility and attract new customers.Enhances your brand imageThe site also includes a blog section for publishing news about your company.

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Website Showcase creation

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What goes with creating your Showcase Site

Creating a custom design

Administration interface for modifying your site

Layout of your content (up to 15 pages max.)

Contact/quotation form

News section with or without comments

Site responsive > adaptable pour mobile et tablette (iPhone, Android, iPad…)

Photo galleries

Dynamic slideshow

Optimising the site for SEO (title, description, keywords)

Training on updating the site

You can create an unlimited number of pages yourself

Do you have any questions?

Options often requested with a showcase site

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Creating Google Ads / Facebook Ads/ Twitter ads

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Calendly appointment booking calendar

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Digital Strategy

Showcase website

It is a powerful tool for companies wishing to present and promote their services and products.

A showcase site gives your company a presence on the Internet, offering potential visitors 24/7 visibility.

It presents your company, its values, its products or services, its history, its team, etc., helping to create a coherent and attractive brand image.

The showcase site can be used to collect contact information from interested visitors, which can be useful for subsequent marketing campaigns.

It provides a means of communicating directly with visitors via contact forms, online chat or other interactive features.

A well-designed, professional showcase site gives your company an image of credibility and trust in the eyes of visitors.

A showcase site can be consulted by people from all over the world, enabling the company to reach a wider audience and potentially develop international business relationships.

It can be used to support marketing efforts such as advertising campaigns, natural referencing, social networks, etc.

A showcase site collects data on visitors, their behaviour and their preferences, which can be used to improve the user experience and optimise marketing efforts.

What you need to remember about the Showcase Site

I want a showcase site to display my services and products to the world

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